The Foundation would not exist without the support of its contributors. The companies and individuals listed below have provided monetary contributions to ensure the success of the Foundation and the future of the concrete masonry and hardscape industry.

Donor List

Ambassadors ($500,000+)

Besser Company

Columbia Machine, Inc.

The Mattox Family Foundation



Oldcastle Architectural, Inc.

Founders ($250,00+)

Holcim (US) Inc.

Lehigh Cement Company

Governors ($150,000+)

Kirchner Block & Brick/Midwest Block & Brick

Muth Family/Orco Block Company, Inc.

Fellows ($100,000+)

Allan Block Corporation

Basalite Concrete Products, LLC

ESSROC Cement Corp.

Northfield Block Company

Pathfinder Systems/Tiger U.S.A.

R.I. Lampus Company

Anchor Wall Systems/Anchor Block Company

Marshall Concrete Products Inc.

Featherlite Building Products

Oberfield’s Inc. Concrete Products

RCP Block & Brick, Inc.

Wilson Concrete Products, Inc.

Patrons ($50,000+)

A. Jandris & Sons, Inc.

County Materials Corporation

Fendt Builders Supply, Inc.

Grace Construction Products

Mutual Materials Company

Beavertown Block Co., Inc.

Davis Colors/Rockwood Pigment N.A., Inc.

Fizzano Brothers Concrete Products, Inc.

Keystone Retaining Wall Systems, Inc.

New Holland Concrete

Counselors ($25,000+)

ACM Chemistries, Inc.

Barnes & Cone Inc.

Bend Industries, Inc.

Binkley & Ober, Inc.

Block USA

Concrete Block Insulating Systems, Inc.

Dynamic Color Solutions, Inc.

Giant Cement Holding, Inc.

Johnson Concrete Company, Inc.

LANXESS Corporation

Rockwood Retaining Walls, Inc.

Solomon Colors, Inc.

VERSA-LOK Retaining Wall Systems

Willamette Graystone, Inc.

Ash Grove Cement Company

BASF Construction Chemicals/Admixture Sys

Bergen Machine


Chicago Block & Brick Company

Devening Block, Inc.

Elementis Pigments, Inc.

Irvins Interstate Block and Brick

KVM International A/S

Lee Brick & Block

Smithtown Concrete Products Corp.

Tutewiler, Inc.

Western Concrete Products Company, Inc.

Witelite Pumice

Benefactors ($15,000+)

Building Products Corp.

Peerless Block & Brick Company

York Building Products Company


Valley Block Company

Regents ($10,000+)

Blue Stone Block Supermarket, Inc.

Hess Machinery Ltd.

Parker Hannifin Corporation

Robert D. Carter

Camosse Masonry Supply

Krete Industries, Inc.

Rampf Molds Industries, Inc.

Snap Edge Corporation

Principals ($5,000+)

CTW, Inc.

Dynco Manufacturing, Inc.

Hepner Block

Pacific Power Tech

Sika Corporation

USA owned/USA made

Conway Block and Brick

The Euclid Chemical Company

Integrated Concrete Products, Inc.

Shouldice Designer Stone

Tri-County Block & Brick, Inc.

Executors ($3,000+)

Dancing Bear, Inc.

ICD Corporation

Huesker, Inc.

iwi group, L.L.C.

Sustainers ($1,000+)

Atlas Block Company Ltd.

Jeremy P.M. Gray

Sylvester Schmidt

Fluid Connector Products, Inc.

Lawrence Dagostino Sr.

Cornerstone Society

Allen Aaseth

Dallas Barrett

Craig Belasco

Glenn Bolles

Edward Brandt

Marshall L. Brown

Don Campbell

Gene Chubb

Peter Deem

Steven Doty

Kirk Edens

Jerry Findley

Anthony Fizzano*

Rick Goode

Don Gordon

Bob Gravier

Keith Haas

Paul Hargest

Manfred Herold

Cathy Higgins

Mark Hogan

Ted Holzum

Max Hunt*

Peter Janopaul*

Karl H. Kraft

Michael K. Kraft

Lisa Lackovic

Carol Lee

Jim Martin

Jon McCoy

David Melton

Cletus Mueth*

Fred Neth, Jr.

Bill Nitterhouse

Rich Oberfield

W. Michael Oberfield

Ron Ohmes

Greg Page

Paula Pearson

Dale Puskas

Norbert Rappl

Bill Sandbrook

William C. Schneider

Dave Sharp

Rob Shouldice

Richard Solomon

Robert Thomas

Kevin Vogler

Jeffrey Wallace

Billy & Adella Wauhop

Scott Weber

Mark Wilhelms

Darryl Winegar

Tom Young

James Anderegg

Bruce Baumann

Earl Bickett

Timothy Bott

Kevin Brown

Henry Camosse

Kevin Cavanaugh

Kevin Curtis

Dave Dimmick

Pat Dubbert

Michael Finch

Tom Finn

John Fizzano

Tim Goode

Dennis Graber

Grady Gunn

Butch Hardy

Robert Harlem

Douglas Higginbotham

Larry Hilldore

William Holden

Pete Hoyt

Stephen Hunt

Ted Kozikowski

Mark A. Kraft

Charles Kreutzer

Don Lampus

Ted Light

Jeff Mattox

William Meade

Dana Morse

Juli Musch

David Nickerson

William Oberfield

R. Stephen Oberfield

Major Ogilvie

Kathleen Olsen

James Park

Mac Powell

Chad Pyles

Rick Roach

Ronald J. Scherer

Fred Schultz

Donald C. Sheffield

Cam Smith

Todd Strand

Paul Valentine

Kent Waide

Craig Walloch

Jim Weber

Hal Webster

Larry Wilson

Fred Yahr

In Memory Of

Max Hunt
by Bruce Baumann

Fred Neth, Sr.
by Fred Neth, Jr.

Robert W. Oberfield
by William R. Oberfield

Max Hunt
by Ron & Janice Ohmes

Alice Neth
by Fred Neth, Jr.

Joseph Vernier
by Ted Holzum

In Recognition Of

The Masonry Association of Florida made donations in the name of the following individuals.

Bryan Fulcher

Shelly Honsberger

Kem Magnant

Lisa Pelham

Paul Rivers

Gregory Strickland

Jeff Gamel

Rocky Jenkins

Bill Parsons

Dave Pfeffer

Mike Ryan

Max Hunt Club

Allen Aaseth

Craig M. Belasco

Glenn Bolles

David L. Dimmick

Rick Goode

Don Gordon

Larry Hilldore

Doris Hunt

William R. Oberfield

James C. Park

Dave Sharp

Robert D. Thomas

James L. Weber

Bruce W. Baumann

Kevin Brown

Eugene M. Chubb

Michael R. Finch

Timothy Goode

Keith Haas

Peter B. Hoyt

Stephen A. Hunt

Greg Page

William C. Schneider

Richard R. Solomon

Billy J. Wauhop

Scott W. Weber

John and Marlene Heslip Scholarship

Anchor Wall Systems, Inc.

Patrick C. Dubbert

Anthony Fizzano/Fizzano Bros. Concrete Prods, Inc.

Dale Kirchner

James Park

James Weber

Eugene M. Chubb

Carole Finch

William Holden

William Oberfield

David Sharp/Columbia Machine Inc

Fred Woitscheck

Digital Technologies Fund

The NCMA Foundation has committed to the establishment of digital technology tools so that modeling and analysis conducted by architects, engineers, constructors, managers and owners can read from and write to the same information source. More than $450,000 has been pledged. Thank you to the following companies who have made generous pledges made to date:

≥ $ 25,000

Basalite Concrete Products

Mutual Materials Company

RCP Block & Brick

Columbia Machine

ORCO Block & Hardscape

≥ $ 10,000

Allan Block Company

Ernest Maier, Inc.

Johnson Concrete Company, Inc.

Titan Block

York Building Products Co.

Anchor Wall Systems

Fizzano Brothers

King’s Material, Inc.

Westblock Systems

≥ $ 5,000

ACM Chemistries

Barnes & Cone, Inc.

Concrete Products Group

Paul Croushore

Solomon Colors

Applied Minerals

Billy Wauhop & Associates

Nitterhouse Masonry Products

Rogerio Galante

The Wallace Family

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