The NCMA Education & Research Foundation welcomes proposals from all qualified scientists, engineers, educators and other professionals associated with the manufactured concrete masonry and hardscapes industries. Generally, proposals initiated by an individual are officially submitted by their employing organization. Graduate students are not encouraged to submit research proposals, but should arrange to serve as research assistants to faculty members.  No person on the grounds of race, color, age, sex, national origin, or disability shall be denied the benefits of financial assistance from the foundation.

Preference will be given for requests that provide national benefit first and regional benefit second; utilize funding partnerships with local and/or state groups and/or other national and international groups; utilize partnerships with other industries impacted by the results; and/or utilize matching funds arrangements.

Organizations whose chief purpose is to influence legislation or to participate or intervene in political campaigns on behalf of or against any candidate for public office; endowments or memorials; religious, veteran or fraternal organizations unless they are engaged in a significant project with national or regional benefit; construction or renovation projects; fundraising events; and proprietary projects or products not in concert with the mission of the foundation as determined by the board of trustees are NOT eligible for grants from the NCMA Research and Education Foundation.

How to Submit a Grant

Submission Deadlines

Midyear Meeting Deadline
May 1

Annual Meeting Deadline
November 1

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