Unit Design Competition

The Unit Design Competition enables local concrete masonry producers and/or associations to work in conjunction with universities to sponsor competitions. Winning teams from each school are invited to participate in the national Unit Design Competition.

The objective of this special masonry competition is to understand the relationship between a specific material and a form made using that material. There are no preconceived “ideal” solutions to this project. Instead, the emphasis is placed on understanding the implications of your decisions and on making a series of related decisions about a form and its material. Explore alternatives and try to understand the trade-offs of each decision.

Concrete masonry and hardscape units are an abundant but underutilized part of the designer’s palette. This product is a durable material that can be used to carry weight, enclose space, and perform a variety of functions in buildings and the built landscape. Because it is a manufactured material, its texture, color, shape and size are controllable features. A wide variety of concrete masonry and hardscape products are available and new ones can be proposed.

This project will be part of a student competition in unit design. Typically, student work will be evaluated by the faculty in this course as one of your exercises. In addition, students are also expected to submit your project for review by the competition jury hosted by the local masonry association and/or the local producers. The winner of the unit design competition at an individual school will be eligible to to compete at the National Unit Design Competition sponsored by the NCMA Education and Research Foundation.

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NOTE: Competition suspended for 2022. Check back for info on future competitions.

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