About ICPI Foundation


To fund targeted educational and research programs and industry tools that will benefit the segmental concrete paver industry, in line with the strategic goals of ICPI, in a financially sustainable way.

If you want to see what the industry will look like years from now, look at the work the ICPI Foundation for Education and Research is doing today. Established in 2000, the Foundation funds projects that help position members, contributors, and the industry for a stronger, profitable and more secure future.


A Memorial Recognition Campaign has been created to honor Merry Beth Hall, former ICPI Education Director and CMHA’s Chief Operating Officer. This campaign will provide an opportunity for contributions to be made in memory of Merry Beth in support of both the ICPI and NCMA industry Foundations. Learn more about the Campaign. Contributions will be made in her name as a legacy contributor to the endowment of the ICPI Foundation and the NCMA Foundation. Use the buttons below to Contribute to either or both of the foundations to honor Merry Beth.

GRANT LEVERAGING ENHANCES VALUE as Foundation funds are frequently matched by funds from others with similar interests. The ICPI Foundation endowment, from which these grants are funded, NOW EXCEEDS $5.2 MILLION.

Get Involved!

The opportunities to support the work of the Foundation are varied and personally rewarding. At every level of contribution you’ll be associated with important work that is advancing the industry you undoubtedly know very well.