Foundation research takes many forms in support of clear industry objectives. Proposals for Foundation funding of research are reviewed by the Board and CMHA technical staff for value, approach and appropriateness. To date the ICPI Foundation has provided over $2 million dollars in funding for segmental concrete pavement research.

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ICPI Foundation Projects


CO2 Sequestration – CMHA Lab

Future Research Focus Group – CMHA

Open-Graded Aggregate Compaction – OSU

M-E Design Toole Phase 1 – UCPRC

Edge Restraint Research – CMHA Lab


PICP in Cold Climate – UNH

Pathway Roughness Tool

PCR & Guidance Docs

PICP Structural Testing – UCPRC

PICP Over Clay Soils – NCSU

PICP Hydraulic Performance – UMissouri

PICP Perf in Ontario – TRCA

Slab & Plank FE Modeling – ARA

Perm Pavement Road Map – UCPRC Davis

Perm Pavement Evals – WI DNR

Municipal ICP Modeling – PTS

Wheelchair-Pavement Interaction Site Survey – UPitt

Permeable Design Pro Upgrades – ARA

Winter PICP deicing study – UofT

PICP Restoration Study – UofT

Howard Road Evaluation – ARA

Slab & Plank Full-scale testing – CMHA

PICP Temperature Study – USGS

Municipal ICP Modeling – ARA

Pedestal-set slab testing – CMHA Lab

PICP Monitoring – P4 Infrastructure

Paveshare update – CMHA

ICP on OGB research – Englobe

LCCA for ICP – Stantec

Light-weight Deflectometer research – OSU

Traffic Calming – Toole Design

LWD Purchase

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