Full-scale Load Testing of Paving Slabs and Planks

ICPI plus slabs and planks donated by ICPI members

This project has reached over 60,000 ESALs with termination at 75,000. Staff issued a report on the results and sent it to the ICPI Foundation Program Committee in mid-May. The report provides partial validation of selected slab and plank shapes, base materials and thicknesses developed by previous finite element modeling funded by the ICPI Foundation. The FEM generated design tables are conservative, at least for shapes tested under full-scale loads.

Performance information from this load testing have been combined with FEM design tables plus design solution using UK, Australian, and German methods. A draft of these comparisons will be presented at the ICPI Technical Committee at the ICPI Summer Meeting. In short, the FEM generated design solutions are more conservative than the full-scale load testing results, as well as UK and Australian design methods.

Paving slab & plank full-scale testing in Frederick, MD