ICP Road Project Monitoring

Applied Research Associates, Inc.

The second of three pavement condition surveys on Howard Road was completed by a pavement engineer, reviewing about a mile of ICP next to Interstate 5 near Westley, CA on August 7, 2020. The pavement is performing adequately except in one area where trucks turn to enter an exit the nearby interstate highway. This area was repaired by Stanislaus County who owns the road. The pavement condition report is the second of three. The next report is due the first quarter of next year.  

The overall project involves three-years of condition surveys and falling weight deflectometer (FWD) testing of Howard Road, a 1-mile, truck-intensive stretch of ICP in Westley, CA, adjacent to Interstate 5. The Stanislaus County Public Works Department contributed an additional $10,000. A report was received on March 2019 results from non-destructive structural testing using a falling weight deflectometer (FWD) as well as a pavement condition survey using ASTM E2840 Standard Practice for Pavement Condition Index Surveys for Interlocking Concrete Roads and Parking Lots.

The project helped leverage ICP in a new Stanislaus County road project for an industrial park. Staff provided plan review on 20,000 sf entry road to the industrial park. The intent is to use ICP throughout the entire development.  When fully developed over three years, the project could exceed 1 million sf in roads.

Howard Road Evaluation in Wesley, CA