Architecture Student Design Competition – Bowling Green State University

Grantee: Bowling Green State University
Principle Investigator: Andreas Luescher
Year: 2021
Project Number: 2021029

Educating the next generation of designers is a key objective of the NCMA Foundation. This architecture student design competition at Bowling Green State University has for many years challenged architecture students to solve real world problems with concrete masonry.

Program Details:

In the 13th annual Bowling Green State University (BGSU) Architectural Student Design Competition, students will explore the theme “Reimagining Mortarless Block Construction”. Students will study and explore the endless possibilities and variations of how to express through intuitive, rational and innovative integrations of mortarless CMU construction. Participants will explore how concrete masonry units influence form, affect space, challenge perception and elicit an experience that supports and contributes to an architectural scheme. In addition to exploring all the possible combinations of placing concrete blocks adjacent to other building materials, the visual ecology of the site creates an interesting challenge where they will be encouraged to find a meaningful and aesthetic interpretation.

Students will study the physical and technical properties of the materials and the methods used for the design process and construction. The Principal investigator believes that this student centered design competition will support the faculty and students in exploring the methods of the practical concrete masonry fields and the culture or design that applies to the concrete masonry material.  Further that it will help connect faculty, students, the concrete masonry industry, and it will continue to build a portfolio of design inventions based on concrete masonry.

NCMA producer members in Ohio and the Ohio Masonry Association continue to support this program with materials as well as technical guidance.