Hardscape Installer Workforce Development 2022

Grantee: National Concrete Masonry Association
Year: 2022
Project Number: 2022.001

Ensuring an adequate workforce for hardscape installation is crucial for the continued growth of this industry. Investments in educating young people and their parents on the benefits of a hardscape career is a critical component of generating interest and attracting talent.

Program Details:

Beginning in 2019, NCMA has partnered with ICPI on promoting hardscape installation as a career path to young individuals. Nearly all in this market segment agree that a lack of workforce is a challenge to the long-term growth of both SRW and paver markets.

This project is  a continuation of efforts to promote hardscape installation as a career for the second half of 2022 and the first half of 2023.  It is expected that initiatives will be developed that will build on current efforts that are successful and expand the reach of the program. Some potential initiatives include:

  • Continuation and expansion of @Hardscapingis social media campaign
  • Adding content to hardscapingis.com
  • Updating and printing promotional collateral and developing new materials
  • Development of new and updated videos promoting hardscape installation as a career.