Masonry Educators Workshop

Grantee: The Masonry Society
Principle Investigators: Phil Samblanet
Year: 2021
Project Number: 2020.027

Education is a key pillar of the NCMA Foundation. The Masonry Educators Workshop gives those engaged in teaching new resources and strategies.

Program Details:

The Masonry Educators Workshop (MEW) is a forum to facilitate the interaction and transfer of information between professors/faculty who are responsible for the implementation of masonry related courses throughout the world. The goal of the MEW is to assist in generating knowledgeable designers and construction managers that are comfortable with masonry prior to their professional careers. As such, the MEW is a type of “train the trainer” program, where professors can learn from their peers and industry methods to effectively teach masonry to the next generation of decision makers and influencers.


This project supports a proposed 2022 MEW. The specific location for this event is still under consideration. It is also possible that this MEW will be delivered virtually.


The Masonry Society hosted a virtual Masonry Educators’ Workshop (MEW) on June 21-23 drawing more than 40 attendees. The Masonry Educators Workshop built on the success of more than 25 past workshops (formerly called the University Professors’ Masonry Workshop) with the goal of providing a forum for faculty who are teaching masonry, or will be teaching masonry, to learn about the design, specification, construction, and evaluation of masonry, while also providing the masonry industry with ideas on resources needed by educators and students. Effective and innovative ways to teach this information to students were discussed. Formal and informal discussions took place throughout the workshop allowing attendees to learn about masonry design and construction, while obtaining answers to their questions. Presentations were given related to exposing students to masonry, improving masonry education, available teaching resources, and masonry design, detailing, construction, evaluation and repair.

The content presented during the MEW will be available for viewing through the TMS Masonry Education Hub later this year.