2024 Midyear Meeting PAC Reception Registration & Contribution Form

Registration contributions for the PAC must be personal funds.

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These contribution amounts are suggested amounts only and your participation at the PAC reception is voluntary. Your level of contribution or non-participation in this event will have no impact on other business you have with CMHA. Cash cannot be accepted. By law, only personal funds (not corporate) may be accepted by the CMHA PAC. Campaign contributions are not tax deductible.

For credit card payments, please contact Sheila Thomas at sthomas@masonryandhardscapes.org, 703-224-0937.

For questions related to the event, contact Erin Hobson at ehobson@masonryandhardscapes.org, 703-657-6908 or Dana Hartung at dhartung@masonryandhardscapes.org, 703-457-1107.