Concrete Masonry

CMHA knows concrete masonry systems translate into the best structures that improve communities. Overall, concrete masonry systems protect people from natural and man-made disasters, are aesthetically versatile, and experience minimal wear and tear over time.

Concrete masonry is the cost-effective solution for nearly any structure. Combining aesthetic appeal and durability allows concrete masonry buildings to stand the test of time and meet the needs of owners. And the added benefits of fire safety, thermal mass, and excellent acoustic properties make concrete masonry the choice for occupant comfort and safety. As a locally produced product, concrete masonry supports communities and provides employment across the country. From small family-owned businesses to large corporations, our membership reflects the full spectrum of companies that provide the foundation for resilient building construction. Find out more about concrete masonry construction, get technical information and support, and browse case studies and project profiles below.

Benefits of Concrete Masonry


Concrete masonry structures can withstand extreme events, and provide unparalleled safety and security – from earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, and more.


The modular nature of concrete masonry construction allows for nearly unlimited design flexibility, and the durability of concrete masonry makes adaptive re-use an added bonus.

Energy Efficient

Concrete masonry assemblies can be designed to meet the energy needs of any project, and inherent thermal mass keeps energy bills low and occupants comfortable.

Environmentally Friendly

Concrete masonry has low embodied carbon in relation to other building systems, and permanently sequesters carbon dioxide throughout its lifetime.