Manufactured Stone Veneer

Produced from concrete, manufactured stone veneer (MSV) is a premier cladding system for buildings. MSV is available in a wide range of colors, textures and bond patterns to produce any desired aesthetic effect.

As a man-made product, MSV is very consistent as well as cost-effective. The concrete used to produce MSV is strong, durable, and long lasting. And with a variety of proven installation methods, MSV is the choice for nearly any construction project. CMHA members produce MSV in all areas of the U.S., bolstering local economies and providing employment.

Benefits of Manufactured Stone Veneer


Manufactured stone veneer is produced in a very wide range of colors and textures, to match the aesthetic needs of any project.


As a concrete product, manufactured stone veneer is long-lasting and durable even in extreme environments.


Compared to other cladding systems, manufactured stone veneer is a cost-effective solution, and has been proven to provide a high return on investment.

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