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The annual work plan of CMHA features a wide range of projects and initiatives to advance our industry.

Career opportunities abound in the concrete masonry hardscaping industry. Whether you aim to become an installer, skilled mason, instructor, salesperson, designer, marketing director, project manager, or entrepreneur, those who have interest, ability, and work ethic can grow into almost any position within their companies, including business owner.

Legislative Priorities

CMHA actively engages federal legislative bodies and federal agencies to encourage the use of concrete masonry and hardscape products in a manner that best supports the public.  Key focus areas for CMHA include the following:

CMHA advocates for investments in construction that provides communities with better resistance to the devastating impacts of natural disasters and increased security for inhabitants.  Concrete masonry and hardscape construction has inherent properties that support these objectives. 

CMHA led an effort to support congressional authorization for a commodity checkoff program for concrete masonry in the United States.  Now that the Checkoff Program is in place, CMHA continues to provide support to ensure that the Checkoff accomplishes its market transformation objectives. 

CMHA supports policies and legislation that foster the quantity and quality of a labor workforce needed to meet the construction needs of America and Canada.  Initiatives include recruitment, training, occupational safety, and immigration.

CMHA is committed to supporting the professional growth and development of women within the concrete masonry and hardscape industry. Our Concrete Women Connect group provides opportunities for networking and access to applicable resources. 

Congress authorized the creation of a commodity checkoff program in 2018 and the industry approved the program in a referendum conducted in 2021 by the Department of Commerce.  An industry Board was appointed in 2022, industry assessments began in 2023, and program funding began in 2024 – all for the purpose of creating new concrete masonry markets. 

The Emerging Professionals Group is where the next generation of industry leaders meet to identify and pursue untapped opportunities to expand the market through social media, professional expertise, and workshops.