Safety Awards

The annual CMHA Safety Awards Program recognizes safety-conscious Producer, Associate and Contractor members, as evidenced by exemplary safety records. The awards are based on the previous calendar year. CMHA members must be in good standing with CMHA to participate.

Submission Instructions:

Production and manufacturing facilities of producer or associate members of CMHA can participate by using the information reported on their OSHA 300A logs or equivalent Canadian injury reports.

Contractor members of CMHA can participate by submitting the information on their OSHA 300A log or equivalent Canadian injury report. If your company does not usually submit the information, you can still collect the data and submit it to CMHA following the same format. Learn how to fill out an OSHA 300A log.

Submitted figures must represent all employees at each facility or location for which a separate OSHA log/Canadian injury report is kept. Manufacturers and contractors may submit multiple facilities per entry form under the same company.

Entry to participate is free, with fees only assessed if a winner wishes to receive an award plaque.

Contact James Tredinnick for more information.

*CMHA reserves the right to request supplementary information like OSHA 300A logs, Canadian Equivalent or your Workers Comp Mod rate.


Milestone Award

Facilities with more than five consecutive years of Safety Award Program entries with zero OSHA/Canadian injury report injuries. (Producers/Associates only)

Platinum Safety Award*

Highest level of safety achievement in a single year is given to member facilities/locations with an Incidence Rate (IR)of zero.

Gold Award*

Given to member facilities/locations with a Days Away, Restrictions, and Transfer Rate (DART) no greater than one and an IR no greater than two. Facilities/locations with a death during the reporting period are not eligible.

Silver Award*

Given to member facilitieslocations with a DART greater than one but not greater than two and an IR no greater than three. Facilities/locations with a death during the reporting period are not eligible.

* Please note, Platinum, Gold and Silver awards are given based on two formulas, Incident Rate (IR) and Days Away, Restrictions and Transfer Rate (DART):