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Online Learning

With your computer as your classroom, the online courses can ensure a pathway to success. The CMHA online learning management system can facilitate a better understanding of the concrete masonry and hardscape industries, and have convenient online courses for those looking to supercharge their acumen when it comes to their role no matter what it may be.

There are a variety of courses on all products that CMHA members produce and install, at every level from basic to advance in the following areas:

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Online Learning

All individuals wishing to become certified shall take their examination on the CMHA Learning Management System (LMS). Exams taken on the LMS will be administered by a verified third-party proctor. Other educational resources such as courses and webinars are also available on the LMS.

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CMHA’s AEC Daily Courses

AEC Daily is a leading provider of continuing education for architects, engineers, and other design and construction professionals.

CMHA’s partners with AEC Daily to provide educational courses on a variety of topics.  Content is developed and maintained by a range of experienced, accredited experts and organized within industry-recognized categories. Continuing education that is tailored to your needs has never been easier to find.

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