Women in CMHA

Women in the Industry

CMHA is committed to supporting the professional growth and development of women within the concrete masonry and hardscape industry.

We invite you to join us to gather and empower this very significant group—the vital women of the concrete masonry industry. As you are all aware, our knowledge and experiences matter! We can learn a tremendous amount from one other simply through sharing personal experiences and collaborating on important topics that matter to us all.

CMHA is working hard to continue to include our group as part of future meetings and events, so we need to make our mark. Our discussions will shape the future of women in the industry!

Connect with us and plan to attend our future events–being there to help us create an inspirational camaraderie of women is so important!

Are you a woman in the masonry or hardscape industry with a story to share? At CMHA, we believe in highlighting the diverse voices and experiences that make our industry strong and vibrant. Whether you’ve faced unique challenges, achieved remarkable milestones, or have insights that could inspire others, your story is valuable. Contact us today to share your journey and contribute to a community that celebrates and supports women in the industry.

Women shaking hands

If you or your company are interested in sponsoring a Concrete Women Connect event this year, or at a future meeting, please let us know! Sponsors are always welcome. It is a terrific way to get your brand in front of others and show your support.

Young women at meeting
Woman speaker presenting at event
CMHA women members
CMHA members at Annual Meeting event
Women members at Midyear Meeting gathering
Woman member speaking at event
Two women members at social event

To learn more about Concrete Women Connect and how to get involved, contact Dana Hartung.