Government Affairs

CMHA’s proactive government affairs work starts with the nonstop, active monitoring of issues and trends then transitions into identifying which opportunities to invest energy and resources into that most favorably impact its members’ interests. Through its own Government Affairs Committee that consists of individual members of the association, they coordinate with CMHA staff and contracted consultants to recommend issue priorities to address. With members in both the US and Canada – we engage equally with Washington and Ottawa and with states and provinces.

Current Legislative Priorities

CMHA knows that stronger construction and better construction can reduce the costs associated with responding to and rebuilding after natural disasters and save lives. Concrete masonry and hardscape construction are well-suited to help communities, local governments, land owners, and developers to reduce their risks.

CMHA led an effort to support congressional authorization for a commodity checkoff program for concrete masonry in the United States. Now that the Checkoff Program is in place, CMHA continues to provide government affairs support to ensure that the Checkoff accomplishes its market transformation objectives.

Men installing SRW with equipment

CMHA supports policies and legislation that foster the quantity and quality of a labor workforce needed to meet the construction needs of America and Canada. Initiatives include recruitment, training, occupational safety, and immigration.

The CMHA Government Affairs Committee is a collection of dedicated industry professionals advising the CMHA Board or Directors on positions and initiatives. The committee is led by the following:

  • Chair – Fred Adams Paving Co., Inc.
PAC members

CMHA maintains a political action committee (PAC) to help stay connected and support relationships with federally elected officials in Congress.

For more information on CMHA’s position or advocacy efforts, contact us.