Political Action Committee

Now, more than ever, we need to stay connected and support our friends in Congress through our Political Action Committee (PAC). As a unified organization, CMHA now has stronger resources to get in front of elected officials in Washington, and at home, and be able to tell our story.

What’s A PAC?

A PAC represents business, labor, or ideological interests that unite in one powerful voice while representing many members. PACs are tax-exempt organizations that collectively campaign to maximize the impact of their contributions to candidates with common political goals focused on policy – not politics. PACs are closely monitored by the United States Federal Election Commission (FEC) to ensure transparency and compliance with FEC rules and have incredibly stringent reporting requirements. Powerful in numbers, PACs leverage individual voices collectively to make their message and their story heard loud and clear.

Why Are PACs Valuable?

PACs hold an influential position for candidates and members, including:

  • Establishing the association as a visible player in policymaking
  • Aiding in efforts to meet legislative goals
  • Electing officials who support member/association issues
  • Instituting a more proactive organization

How To Get Involved

Each year a PAC Reception is held at the CMHA Midyear Meeting, which is open to all attendees. Non-US citizens can attend through contributions made to the ICPI Foundation or NCMA Foundation, as well as the Canadian Activities Fund.

Corporate or private donations are also accepted and help fund the PAC Reception. Donations support the PAC by helping to offset the cost of prizes, food and beverages, and other related charges for the reception. Unlike funds for attending the reception, a donation to fund prizes can be made by companies, as well.

For more information about CMHA’s PAC, contact Bob Thomas.