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We are dedicated to creating networking and educational opportunities and technical resources that advance the concrete masonry and hardscape industry.

Join the Concrete Masonry & Hardscapes Association

The benefits privileged to members? Bountiful. Dive into a world of exclusive opportunities as you gain access to industry-defining events, networking galore, and a coveted seat at the table during meetings, trade shows, conventions, and more. Get access to CMHA’s vast libraries that host technical and promotional information as well as to the laboratory where products, materials and techniques are optimized. Elevate your professional growth with our unparalleled educational offerings. Gain the ability to ask an experienced, qualified engineer a question at any time, about anything.

Clare Ramminger
Director of Membership

CMHA’s membership team is here to serve you! If you have questions about becoming a member or your current membership, please contact CMHA’s Membership team at 571-224-0929.

Membership Types and Benefits

Craig Finch

“I have benefited from being a CMHA member by taking an active role in the industry and participating in a number of different committees at the annual meetings. Attending these meetings gives me the opportunity to network with other producer members as well as affiliate members that help support the industry. I have learned a lot more about the hardscape and masonry industry then I ever would have if I was not a member of CMHA.”

—Craig Finch, Architectural Representative at RCP Block & Brick
Garen Graves

“Being a CMHA member provides me with a robust network of industry professionals, a platform for collaborative innovation, and a wealth of resources that continually elevate our expertise, allowing us to pioneer advancements and shape the future of building materials.”

—Garen Graves, Program Director, Amerimix at Oldcastle APG
Kathy Granger

“Get involved. Join committees – raise your hand. The more you give – the more you will get out of your membership.”

—Kathy Granger , Vice President of Marketing at Outdoor Living Supply
Trevor Fearn

“CMHA has presented various opportunities for professional and personal growth, playing a crucial role in the growth of our business. This encompasses networking with fellow industry professionals, gaining insights into cutting-edge industry technologies, and laying the groundwork for the future of our field.”

—Trevor Fearn, Regional Sales Manager at CornerStone Wall Solutions

The Benefits of Membership


We are working on your behalf with government agencies and municipalities to bring about change, develop and implement standards, raise awareness and support safe and intelligent practices.


CMHA offers top-notch education opportunities designed to help you and your team succeed. Our comprehensive programs include a line-up of online and in-person options developed specifically with your needs in mind. If professional development is your goal, you have come to the right place.


The #1 reason companies join CMHA is for the unmatched networking opportunities. Join us for new professional connections, career advice, new ideas, and valuable industry information.

Technical Resources

From design to construction to use, CMHA has the resources you need to ensure success on concrete masonry, segmental retaining walls, hardscapes, segmental pavements and manufactured stone veneer projects.

Get Involved

Join a Committee

Ready to make a difference?

When you join a committee, you become directly involved with other members in the development and delivery of products and services. Committee members can share their opinion in decision-making and help serve member needs through interaction. It’s a fantastic way to network with other members and an opportunity to grow professionally and personally.