Benefits of Certification and Accreditation


  • Show your clients, employers, colleagues, and other stakeholders your expertise in the installation of manufactured concrete systems. Demonstrate your ability to manage costs and safely deliver projects on time
  • Increase your professional marketability. Having a certification helps you stand out and showcase your experience. You can provide resolutions toward your client’s best interests and complete successful projects
  • Display your leadership and professionalism. Certification is a sign of professional achievement and will help you validate to clients and supervisors that you are dedicated to your profession and that you are part of an elite group of qualified industry experts
  • Receive a digital certificate and digital badge to show your certification status
  • Certification holders are in demand at a time when the industry needs skilled workers
  • Certification holders pass a comprehensive exam that tests several areas of competence
  • Expand your knowledge and grow your network. As a Certified Installer, you maintain your credibility by staying up to date with industry best practices, being engaged at industry events, and adhering to the Code of Conduct through the recertification process


  • To be accredited means that the certification programs have been audited by an independent third party, and that they have demonstrated the program conforms to the requirements of the latest quality process standards set by the International Standards Organization
  • An accreditation mark is a symbol of excellence, recognized worldwide by employers, industry leaders, hiring managers, and credential holders 
  • Signals to an employer that the credential holder has undergone a valid, fair, and reliable assessment to verify that they have the necessary competencies to practice
  • Accreditation provides an added layer of legal defensibility against invalid claims
  • Many government agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Federal and State OSHA, and the FDA, rely on accreditation as it assures the competency of the certification program
  • Accountability and transparency built into the accreditation process support conformity assessment attestations, and can result in reduced liability insurance

CMHA has been approved by ANAB as a Preliminary Applicant for accreditation to ISO 17024:2012 but is NOT yet accredited.