Continuing Education Facilitator

Architects need continuing education. You can provide this to them while educating them on concrete masonry, hardscape and manufactured stone veneer systems. Become an NCMA Continuing Education Facilitator today!

A unique opportunity is available to NCMA members to become authorized as an NCMA Continuing Education Facilitator (CEF). As an authorized NCMA CEF, the individual can give NCMA-approved education sessions to architects for continuing education credit through the American Institute of Architects Continuing Education System (AIA/CES).

Authorization requires initial training, which can be obtained through the NCMA EDU Online on-demand education system. Many of the courses that are available on thesystem are registered for credit through AIA/CES, and an NCMA CEF can be authorized for any of those registered programs. Following the initial training process, authorized CEF’s can choose any additional courses they wish to be authorized to present for credit.

Authorization Process:

The first step in the authorization process begins with completing initial training. To do this:

  • Purchase and complete the NCMA Continuing Education Facilitator Training Package on NCMA EDU Online:
    • There are five modules in this package, and all must be viewed. For the ones with quizzes, a minimum score of 80% is necessary to pass.
  • Completion of this package will give you access to the following presentations and education modules which are registered with AIA/CES
    • C099a – Block (CMU) Plant Tour (please note that there is no presentation for this course, as it is a physical block plant tour that can be given for credit.
    • C103Da – Introduction to Concrete Masonry Production
    • C104Da – Concrete Masonry Overview
  • The cost for initial authorization is $250, and the authorization is good for three years.
  • As you can see from the listings on NCMA EDU Online, additional courses are available (currently Level 2, 3, and 4 have offerings, and more will be added soon). For any course in Level 2 or higher that is registered for AIA/CES credit, the following procedure needs to be followed to obtain authorization:
    • Complete initial training (as listed above)
    • Purchase and complete the relevant module, including the quiz with a minimum score of 80%.
    • For example, if you want to be authorized for fire safety, you need to complete the CEF Training Package as discussed above, as well as C202Da on Fire Safety.

Once you complete authorization for any module, NCMA staff will send you a speaker authorization form for each program you become authorized to present. Once that form is signed and returned, we will send you a download link to the presentation and other necessary forms.

These presentations come with speaker notes, and the narration used by NCMA staff to present the information in the education modules. This narration may be helpful to you for preparing to give these presentations. Instructions on how to prepare the presentations and remove narration will also be provided in the download folder with the relevant files.

Terms and conditions:

  • This program and NCMA CEF authorization is only available to NCMA members.
  • NCMA CEF’s must abide by all the procedures and requirements for this program by NCMA and AIA/CES. These requirements are detailed in the initial training programs.
  • Authorization is given by NCMA, not AIA/CES. As such, credit cannot be given for courses not developed and approved by NCMA (in other words, CEF’s cannot give presentations they have developed that have not been registered by NCMA).
  • Credit cannot be offered for any course that has expired in the AIA/CES system. Expiration dates for all programs are listed in the speaker notes on the first slide of each presentation. It is the responsibility of the NCMA CEF to assure that the program given is not expired.

Contact Clare Ramminger with any questions, comments, or concerns. A listing of all current programs registered with AIA/CES available to authorized NCMA CEF’s is available here.

Contact Clare Ramminger with any questions, comments, or concerns. A listing of all current programs registered with AIA/CES available to authorized NCMA CEF’s is available here.