Certified Concrete Paver Installer

A Certified Concrete Paver Installer will demonstrate an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the proper installation of interlocking concrete pavement systems. Applicants for certification are primarily employed in the concrete hardscape industry.

Certified installers will always serve the best interests of the customer and industry to the best of their professional ability. In fulfilling this duty, they will be guided by best practices and procedures which are generally recognized within the profession. Installers will also maintain their level of professional knowledge and expertise through periodic training to ensure they remain up-to-date in the profession. The motives, methods, and actions of the Certified Concrete Paver Installer shall at all times be in accordance with the Code of Conduct laid out by the CMHA Certification Body. 

Only those who believe they clearly meet the stated qualifications and requirements for certification and are prepared to take the certification exam should submit applications, as no refunds will be offered.

Applications will not be processed until the appropriate non-refundable fee is paid. Fees will be utilized by CMHA to cover expenses related to the operation of the certification program. Please note that CMHA membership is not a requirement of the certification program.